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Korea-Yonsei varsity matches: An unforgettable memory of campus life

The two top private universities in Korea, Korea University and Yonsei University,
meet for the Korea-Yonsei varsity matches every fall. This annual event is highly
highly recognized among Koreans. For two days, these rival universities hold
five athletic competitions: baseball, soccer, rugby, ice hockey, and basketball.
The winner is decided by the number of games won among the five. This annual
event gives bragging rights to the winners and their campus. College members of
each campus gather under their school flags and cheer enthusiastically for their
team. This festival leaves everlasting, unforgettable memories for all that attend.

The Open House party

Every May, the campus festival and Open House party are held on campus.
These events are feasts for both academic-minded elites and social partygoers
alike. During the events, a number of academic seminars and conferences are
held during the day. When the night falls, student organizations set up a number
of small bars and sell alcoholic beverages, play music, and entertain visitors.
The festivities also include Korean pop stars who visit the campus to perform
live. During the Open House Party, the dormitory halls, which also hold various
social events, are open to the public.