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Practicum teaching at the Sejong campus of Korea University is an excellent option for independent and responsible TESOL students who wish to be immersed in a new culture while completing their practicum. Practica may be undertaken in the Fall or Spring quarters. At Korea University you will help teach English for approximately 16 hours per week. Half of these hours will be leading small conversation groups in “The Sky Café” (a beautiful ‘English Only’ sky-bridge between the male and female dormitories!), as well as eight hours assisting a mentor in a regular English classroom. Korea University’s international staff will take great care of you as you adjust to life in Korea. Your specially-chosen roommate(s) have volunteered to be your first friends and cultural interpreters.

KU-Sejong proudly offers a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) practicum course opportunity at Korea University’s campus at Sejong to international students. The TESOL practicum students will be available to help in English classes or create conversation corner times for the Sejong Institute of International Affairs and Education. Participants in TESOL practicum course learn about Korean language and culture, and also participate in a number of field trips to important industry sites of one of the leading vibrant economies of the world.

Living on campus in one of our residence halls connects you to the vibrant life of KU-Sejong. The supportive residence hall community offers students a place to live and work that distinctly enhances their college experience by putting them at the center of everything: classes and labs, the library, recreational facilities, and more.

Studies have found that students living on campus perform better academically. Faculty and life mentors are close to you if you have questions or need assistance, and they will lead the way for your success at KU-Sejong.

By living on campus, you also are closer to the events - plays, movies, sporting events and concerts - that link your daily life more intimately to the campus community. You will live in close proximity to friends and peers who are all having similar experiences, and together, will create a campus community that is youthful, energetic, and full of life.