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Innovating Education for Future Generations

Korea University (KU) is widely acknowledged as one of the country’s oldest, largest and top-ranked universities in Korea. Its reputation for quality is based on excellence in teaching, superiority of research unsparing service to Korean society.

Korea University (KU) was founded in 1905 and has two campuses, Anam and Sejong. Korea University Sejong campus (KU-Sejong) is located in Sejong City, the center of Korea. With its opening in 1980, KU-Sejong has become a preeminent higher education institution among Korean colleges for its academic reputation, international outlook, and excellence in service.

KU-Sejong is composed of diverse academic colleges and departments. It hosts 19 departments and divisions in 5 colleges, namely College of Global Business, College of Public Policy, College of Culture and Sports, College of Science & Technology, and College of Pharmacy.

KU-Sejong is unique among Korea's leading universities in the breadth of disciplines. Its 8,500 full time students are provided with opportunities for personal development and interdisciplinary studies that sharpen their insights, encourage critical thinking, and foster breakthrough experiences.

The faculty at KU-Sejong is renowned for cutting-edge innovation. Active academic collaborations among faculty remove barriers across disciplines and achieve synergy through which new solutions are developed. Being prenticed under such professors, KU-Sejong students welcome challenges and strive for excellence in whatever career field they choose.

Graduates of KU-Sejong become vibrant and qualified leaders in academic, political, industrial, art, and entertainment fields and their numbers continue to grow.

Discover a New Horizon of Academic Challenges at KU-Sejong

Our students are trained to develop their intellectual capacities to their maximum potential, to explore innovative ways of thinking about the world and their role in it, and to apply their education directly to the benefit of humankind.

At KU-Sejong, you'll find the resources and experiences needed to you prepare for contemporary academic challenges. More than 250 dedicated, highly qualified, full- time faculty give students a diverse learning experience both in and out of the classroom.

Students at KU-Sejong are connected to faculty mentors and are expected to work closely with these advisors for the purpose of academic pursuits, career development, and social benefit. Following the faculty’s lead, students learn what it takes to succeed.

Furthermore, KU-Sejong students study and advance their knowledge with a diverse group of students from all over the world. Korea University Sejong Campus serves as an international meeting ground where West meets East. During their time at here, students truly discover a new, enriched horizon in their lives.

Our wide array of academic choices includes 23 undergraduate majors and various graduate programs, of which several are top ranked in the nation.

We hope you discover a new horizon of academic challenges in the College of Global Business, College of Public Policy, College of Culture and Sports, College of Science & Technology, and College of Pharmacy.