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[What is SEP(Student Exchange Program)]

KU has established extensive links with many universities internationally through its student exchange program, which was developed as part of its internationalization process. This program now involves almost two thousand students going to and from countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

The arrangements for KU exchange students vary according to the terms and conditions of the exchange agreement KU creates concluded with each institution. Based on the principle of reciprocal exchange of benefits, our standard exchange agreements regulate student tuition fees waiver and priority for housing at host universities: however, students are responsible for room and board. Exchange students are also responsible for their own travel, medical insurance and other personal expenses.

In 1987, KU entered into an agreement for student exchange with ISEP, a membership organization of worldwide higher-education institutions located in Washington, D.C., dedicated to fostering extensive and dynamic exchange activities. Since 1987, KU has worked closely with ISEP for the initiation of student exchanges and sent its first students to study abroad in 1988.

KU provides participants with the benefits of housing and meals according to ISEP’s program description. Additionally, it offers the special benefit of complimentary intensive Korean language courses during the semesters and during intersession periods. At KU, on-campus housing is prioritized for exchange students and university facilities can be used in the same manner as all KU registered students.

To apply for ISEP at Korea University, please consult the ISEP coordinator at your university or for more information about ISEP, please visit

[What is VSP(Visiting Student Program)]

International students whose home institutions do not have an exchange agreement with KU nor has links with ISEP can apply to the VSP. The program details of SEP and VSP remain the same apart from the following:
• VSP applicants do not have to be nominated by their home institution. KU VSP is open to all who satisfy the KU eligibility.
• VSP applicants will solely be assessed on individual’s academic ability
• There is an application fee of USD50 for VSP applicants when submitting the application.

For more information on our SEP Program, please contact us at