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[International Town at Sejong Program](English region)

ITS (International Town at Sejong) is a language and culture exchange program that benefits both our visiting international students and the students at Korea University. This is where ITS can be ITS (International Town at Sejong) is a language and culture exchange program that benefits both your doorway to learn the Korean language and experience living in one of the leading vibrant economies in the world.

While studying at Korea University at Sejong, you earn course credits with scholarship support. International students who participate in ITS will earn transferable credits based on the agreement between their universities and KU. There are more than 100 courses offered each semester that are taught in English by top-tier professors at Korea University at Sejong. ITS also offers Korean language classes that make living in Korea a more rewarding and enjoyable experience for international students.

[ITS Activities]

Visiting international students participate in a number of cultural experiences including, but not limited, to the following:
- Residing with two Korean students in a 3 bedroom dormitory
- 1:1 mutual mentoring sessions with KU students
- Club meetings with a group of students of an academic, athletic, or aesthetic interest
- Field trips to a variety of cultural and industrial sites
- Other extracurricular events (Easter Egg Frenzy, International Day, Amazing Race, etc.)

[Scholarship of ITS]

A scholarship is provided to all participants in the ITS program. It includes airfare, room and board, and a stipend. The approximate total of the scholarship is about US $3,000, which should cover the minimum expenses for living in Korea. Come and enjoy the ITS advantages.

[Leisure Activities]

There is a number of exciting activities here at Korea University at Sejong. The diversity of our student organizations ranges from the technical, such as HLOEXN (HAM radio club) and ICARUS (a model airplane club), to the altruistically minded, such as UNESCO and Granite Tower (the volunteer clubs).

For those who are artistically inclined, there are a variety of clubs to introduce you to the world of Korean art, such as K.U,N.A. and TORCH, two folk music clubs, Greenmac (a folk art club) Seo Hwa Hwe (a calligraphy club) and Talddaram (a folk drama club). Other clubs that might strike your interest are SUM (a drama club), Aramsore (a guitar club), UDF (dance club), Youngsangnol (a movie club), Semi-Classic (music ensemble), AD-Zone(an advertizement club) and FINDER (a photography club). Also there is a couple of religious clubs: C.C.C.(Campus Crusade for Christ) and Gobuldang (Buddhist club).

For the athletic type, there’s Korea University’s Tennis club, K.U.T.T.(KU's table tennis club), Konong (a basketball club), TEMPEST (a baseball club), and S.U.L.M.A.E.K. (a ski club). There are also martial arts clubs, such as Muho and TTI AT TAEKYUN, a traditional martial arts club.

[Cultural experience]

ITS program offers the exchange student the unique opportunity to learn the Korean language. Our Korean language classes will help you develop an effective understanding of the language which in turn will facilitate your learning other Asian languages. Our programs also offer classroom and practical activities that will provide you profound understanding of the ancient yet contemporary and rich Korean culture.


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