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Category Course No. Course Name Credit
First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year
General Education(Required) Thoughts and Expression GSTE003,004 Thoughts and Expression Ⅰ‧Ⅱ 2(3)ㆍ2(3) O O
Integrated English SLSC007,008 Integrated English (Reading)Ⅰ‧Ⅱ 2(4)ㆍ2(4) O O
SLSC009,010 Integrated English (Listening)Ⅰ‧Ⅱ 1(2)ㆍ1(2) O O
SLSC011,012 Integrated English (Speaking)Ⅰ‧Ⅱ 1(2)ㆍ1(2) O O
Practical English SLSC013,014 Practical English Ⅰ‧Ⅱ 2(4)ㆍ2(4) O O
SLSC019 Debate in English 2(2)
[Choose 1]
SLSC020 Presentation in English
SLSC021 Career Development English Writing
SLSC022 Technical Writing in English
Sub-total 18
Core General Education World and Culture Choose 2
(From two different areas)
3(3) O O
Exploration into History
Literature and Arts
Ethics and Ideas Choose 1 3(3) O O
Understanding Society
Science and Technology Choose 1 3(3) O O
Quantitative Principles
Sub-total 12
Advanced English SLSC151,152 Advanced EnglishⅠ‧Ⅱ 2(3)ㆍ2(3) O O
General Education(Elective) 2
Total 36
Basic Major Required Korean(06) English(06) German(12) Sociology(09) Archeology(10) North Korea(00) China(15) Creative Writing(12)
Elective Korean(36) English(30) German(24) Sociology(27) Archeology(26) North Korea(36) China(21) Creative Writing(24)
Total Korean(42) English(36) German(36) Sociology(36) Archeology(36) North Korea(36) China(36) Creative Writing(36)
Intensive Major Required Korean(00) English(00) German(00) Sociology(00) Archeology(00) North Korea(00) China(00) Creative Writing(00)
Elective Korean(18) English(18) German(18) Sociology(18) Archeology(24) North Korea(18) China(21) Creative Writing(24)
Total Credits Required for Completion 130